Becoming a Plumber: Pros & Cons

The world will always need experienced plumbers to install, fix, and maintain the plumbing systems we use every day. Plumbers in the UK enjoy many benefits. But like with other tradesmen, becoming a plumber means taking on certain responsibilities and challenges.

Do the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to choosing a career in plumbing? Below are some of the pros and cons of being a plumber so you can decide if plumbing is the right career for you.

Pro: Demand for Plumbers is High

According to a survey conducted by Rated People and Vanarama, plumbers were the most in-demand tradesmen in 2020. This is good news indeed if you’re interested in a plumbing career because with demand comes employment.

Con: It Takes 3 Years to Train Properly

Because a plumber isn’t a protected title in the UK like a solicitor, people can call themselves plumbers after attending a 4-week course. However, to become a properly trained plumber, you’ll have to undergo a comprehensive training program that takes three years to complete.

Pro: You Can Make Plenty of Money

In the UK, plumbers can easily earn around £1000 a week. Plumbing can be a lucrative career. It’s actually an industry that is seeing wages go up, due to the demand for plumbers.

Con: The Daily Routine Can Be Unpredictable

Plumbers typically don’t work standard 8-hour shifts like other professionals. This is because there are always emergencies and last-minute requests to deal with. As a plumber, you’ll have to make yourself available in case someone needs your services, whether it’s in the middle of the afternoon or late at night on a weekend.

Pro: You Can Be Your Own Boss

Once you’ve finished your training, you can spend a few years working alongside an experienced plumber to gain the expertise needed to start your own business. Owning your own plumbing company means you’ll be the boss. You can hire who you want, set your own hours, and make all the important decisions about your business.

Con: Plumbing Work Can Be Physically Demanding

It’s common for a plumber to spend much of their time crawling into tight spaces, carrying heavy materials, and bending over to install or repair pipes, drains, and fixtures. Without a doubt, plumbing is physically demanding!

Pro: No Two Works Days are Alike

While some plumbing work is predictable, there’s always something new cropping up in the life of a plumber. A typical plumber can be tracking down a leak at one minute and handling an emergency the next. The working life of a plumber is not boring, which is great if you’re not crazy about doing the same thing day in and day out.

Con: There’s Some Pressure to Endure as a Plumber

It can be stressful to be a plumber. You may feel under pressure to get a job done in a set amount of time so you can please a customer. Plumbing requires a level-head so you can work efficiently while under pressure to ensure your career is successful.